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Shawn in his sleep

Shawn in his sleep
by captain4580

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Posted Wed 16th of January 2013

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This is the first story I have written so it may suck, it may not. It is part true story and the last part is fantasy.

While it involves a young person, no actual sex took place.

When I was 26, my girlfriend and I decided to start sharing my home. She has 3 kids. The oldest, "Shawn", was 9 at the time this took place. Then there was the middle child, "Rachel". She was 7. The youngest was "Pam". She was 3. I don't know why I told you about the girls but hey why not.

Shawn was quite the cute little kid. He was in desperate need of a father figure as his own was not only out of the picture, but permanently incarcerated. I tried to fill in the best I could. I would do all the things a father would do with his son. Fishing, bowling, I even called him my son. When it came time for the birds and the bees speech. I was the one who gave it to him. I would help him out of the tub every night and this is probably where it all began.
At first, I would just hand him a towel without looking at him. But after awhile I started looking. He was so cute. I would help him get dressed and then I would take him to my room and put him to bed. We only had two bedrooms in the house so the two girls shared the other bedroom while Shawn slept on the hide a bed in the living room. I always put shawn in my bed first because his bedtime was about 2 hours before me and my girlfriend would go to bed. When we were ready to go to bed, I would carry sleeping shawn to the hide a bed and then we would go to the bedroom.
Now shawn was at that phase that all boys go through of rubbing themselves without realizing it. We were always having to stop him. Well, mostly his mom would. I liked to watch him because if he did it long enough and he was wearing the right kind of pants, I could see him get hard.
One lucky night, my washer stopped working so we had to go a few days without doing laundry. we thought we were good until we realized that shawn didn't have any clean pajamas. I came to the rescue though. I let him use one of my button up shirts. By the way he doesn't wear underwear with his pajamas. So when I helped out of the tub that night, I helped him dry off and then out my shirt on him. I buttoned it kinda slow so that i got a flash of his oh so cute penis over and over again. Also when I picked him up to take him to his bed, it had slid up and i was able to see it again.
Now comes the interesting part. My girlfriend had to go to her mother's house for two days out of state and took the girls but left Shawn with me. We watched a few movies, I made my famous cheesy burgers and then he went for his bath. When he called to me to tell me he was done, I went in there with a towel and his pajamas. He asked me if he could wear one of my shirts again and how could I refuse. Just like the last time, I helped him out of the tub, dried him off and I got my peep show. Then I carried him to my bed and went to the living room and watched a movie.
When it was time for me to go to bed, I went to get Shawn and when I opened the door, I got a real special treat. He had kicked the covers off of him and had rolled onto his back. There before me was his beautiful little cocklet. He was sound asleep. I decided right then and there that I wanted to see him hard. So I carefully picked up his hand and placed it over his penis and started him to rubbing it. Nature took over and he began to do it on his own. As I stood there watching, sure enough, he started to get hard. The best part is he didn

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